Social Media: Content

How do you know when to post social media content?
– If there’s a deadline for e.g. an event
– When your audience are online
– Spreading your content

Why it might help to use a content calendar
A content calendar helps you plan your social media content schedule, when things should be published (time + date), on what platform and what type of content it will be (video, image, text etc).

Management Tools
Management tools, such as HootSuite, allow you to access and use all the features of your social media accounts in one place, making your social media activity efficient.

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Why do we measure?
We want to know if what we’re doing/publishing is working and so we can improve.
What do we measure?
Likes, shares, comments
How do we measure?

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Example of Twitter Analytics

Different tones of voice depending on the person you’re talking to or what you’re talking about.

Examples of different tones of voice
– Serious
– Formal
– To the point
– Informal
– Friendly
– Kind
– Encouraging
– Personable
– Conversational
– Relaxed
– Happy
– Fun
– Lighthearted
– Informal
– Kind
– Creative
– Gentle

What is your voice?
– Does each descriptive word have a viable opposite?
– Can you think of a celebrity that has the same tone of voice as your company? Write it in the tone that they would use.
– Include (around) 3 impactful keywords in your content that will make an impression on your audience.

Wired Sussex’s tone of voice:
– Friendly
– Personable
– Informal
– Concise
– Conversational

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Social customer service
– Easy
– Quick
– Efficient
– Visible
– Transparency
– Expectation
What makes good customer service?
– Empathy
– Quick
– Apologetic
– Useful + relevant
– Friendly
– Focused
– Patience
– Humility
– Knowledge
– Getting to know your customer/s