Components of photography

Photography captures light bouncing off things. Light is the biggest tool, it influences everything about the photo. Use light to create different moods.

Outside photography
Have the sun behind you and on the subject so it bounces off the subject.

Low key lighting
Very strong single light source which creates harsh shadows and contrast.

High key lighting
A combination of light sources which highlights most of the subject.

Rule of thirds – a guidance for placing your subject. Splitting the frame into thirds and putting your point of interest on those main points.

Timing in crucial to good photography. Knowing when to press the shutter. There has to be a level of planning and sussing out the environment.

Technical aspects
Using the tools the camera has, e.g. focus.

Subject matter
What is it your taking photos of? What you’re taking a photo of has to be of sufficient interest. Can have a message, a meaning, tell a story, that’s what makes a photo captivating.

What makes a good photograph?

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 11.49.56
Photo by Olivia Bee

The photo I have chosen is one of my favourites by photographer Olivia Bee. The use of natural light during the ‘magic hour’ creates a realistic atmosphere. The point of focus is on the man wheeling on a quad bike which is in centre frame, drawing your attention directly to him. The timing would have been very hard to get; I get the feeling the man is a stranger to the photographer so she wouldn’t have been able to plan it, so capturing this perfect moment was very spontaneous. I really get the feeling of small town America from this photo and it brings a sense of adventure and thrill-seeking.