Task: Film an interview

– Creative Process Digital

Questions for interviewee and statements we want them to make (which will be open to interpretation)
– Name, workplace, what your workplace does and what you do there
– What the apprenticeship allows you to do
– Why apprenticeships are good
– What you enjoy about the apprenticeship

Main shots (of interviewee)
– Mid shot (top half of the body)
– Interviewee in right or left hand side of frame looking out of frame
– Interviewee looking at interviewer

Cutaway shots
– Establishing shot of Creative Process (inside and outside)
– Close up of working on laptop
– Wide shot of Creative Process tutor (Shane Speed) giving a lesson
– Peers working

– Natural light
– Reflector

– Ambient sound
– Background music

– Camera
– Tripod
– External microphone/audio recorder
– Headphone (to listen to audio)
– Adobe Premiere Pro

– Shot and sound bridges (cutting between main shot of interviewee and cutaway shots)
– Captions


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